Nomination Process

The nomination guide includes nomination guidelines and instructions for completing the Nomination Package. The call for 2017 Nominations will be announced in April.

Please download the Nomination Package.

For more information on the nomination process, please download the Nomination Guide.

To review the selection criteria, please download this document.

Nomination Process

  • Ambassadors play an essential role in the success of the Arctic Inspiration Prize, especially for small-scale (local, grassroots) teams/projects. Ambassadors are expected to work closely with the nominated team to complete the Nomination Package.
  • In addition to the Nomination Guide, Ambassadors should read the About, Nomination and FAQ sections of the Arctic Inspiration Prize website before completing the Nomination Package. Contact the Arctic Inspiration Prize office for any additional questions about the program or the nomination process.
  • All sections of the 2016 Nomination Package must be completed. A checklist is provided in the package to ensure that all sections are completed. Note that the indicated number of pages is a maximum and that the sections can be kept shorter, especially for smaller scale (local/grassroots) projects.
  • Completed 2016 Nomination Packages must be sent to the Arctic Inspiration Prize office before the deadline date of Friday, 30 September 2016. Incomplete nominations, or those submitted after the deadline date will not be accepted.


  • One to five prizes totaling $1 million may be awarded each year. We encourage nominations for projects of all scales. Smaller scale (local, grassroots) projects (i.e. under $100,000) are as eligible and encouraged as very large ones (up to $1 million).
  • Teams may not apply directly for the Arctic Inspiration Prize; they must be nominated using the Nomination Package. Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • The Prize is for teams only; no individual can be nominated.
  • The Prize addresses worldly issues, therefore only secular, non-ideological nominations will be considered for the Prize.
  • Officers of the Arctic Inspiration Prize organization and members of the selection committees are not eligible to be nominees or Ambassadors for the Prize during their terms, and for six months following the end of their term.
  • Where there is uncertainty about the requirements or processes for the Prize, the Arctic Inspiration Prize organization retains the right to interpret the contents of the nomination guidelines and package.
  • Meeting the eligibility criteria allows teams to be nominated for the Arctic Inspiration Prize. It does not, however, guarantee that they will receive a prize.