Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?
The Prize is for teams, not individuals and applicants must be nominated, they cannot apply directly for the Prize. Small scale, local projects are equally eligible and encouraged as well as larger projects. For further information, please see the eligibility criteria in the Nomination Guide located under Nomination Process.

Will the Arctic Inspiration Prize office provide support for preparation of the Nomination application?
Ambassadors should not expect the Arctic Inspiration Prize office to assist in the preparation of a nomination beyond general advice concerning the regulations and proper forms to use. The Arctic Inspiration Prize office will not offer opinions as to a nomination's chance of success.

Can I submit extra support material?
No. Submit only the material requested, and carefully choose the material you include. Extra material will not be shown to the Selection Committee. Committee members have a limited time in which to study each Prize nomination. This ensures that all nominations are assessed on the same basis.

What do you mean by addressing the cause rather than the symptom?
For example, a project that aims to prevent environmental damage (ex: an oil spill) addresses the cause, hence qualifies for the Prize. On the other hand, one that only intends to repair the damage (ex: the clean up) addresses the symptom, hence would not qualify.

What do you mean by secular, non ideological?
The Arctic Inspiration Prize is a non-spiritual Prize and pertains only to worldly issues. It awards and supports secular and non-ideological achievements and actions. Therefore initiatives pertaining to a specific religion or an ideology would not qualify for the Prize.

How will I be informed that my nomination has been received by the Arctic Inspiration Prize office?
The Arctic Inspiration Prize office will send the ambassador and nominated team leader, by mail and email, a notice acknowledging that their nomination has been received. This notice will be sent out shortly after the nomination has been received.

When and how will nominees and ambassadors find out the results of the competition?
The Screening Committee will review all eligible and complete nominations and select a shortlist of up to 10 top ranked applications to be forwarded to the Selection Committee. The shortlisted teams will be informed of the decision and highlighted on the AIP website. They will also be acknowledged during the Prize ceremony. Out of the shortlisted nominations, the Selection Committee will select from one to five Prize Laureates with associated awards totaling up to $1 million CAD. All shortlisted teams, including laureates and non-laureates, will be informed of the decisions of the Selection Committee shortly after the final selection is made in early November.

Can I find out who got the prizes and who was on the Selection Committee?
Yes. You can access the list of Prize recipients and Selection Committee members.

Are Arctic Inspiration Prize awards taxable?
Prize recipients should contact the Canada Revenue Agency or their provincial or territorial revenue department with any tax-related questions.

What are the conditions of receiving an award from this program?
Teams or organizations awarded an Arctic Inspiration Prize must allow photographs of, and public information about, themselves to be used for the promotion of the Prize and in other Arctic Inspiration Prize promotional initiatives. The teams or representatives must also agree to participate fully in all award activities, including media conferences, ceremonies and receptions.

Recipients and ambassadors must not reveal the results of the Prize competition until the Arctic Inspiration Prize makes its official announcement at the award ceremony in December.

Recipients should share all media coverage of their winning project with the Arctic Inspiration Prize Administration Centre.

Winning teams will need to provide at least two updates (text and/or photos and/or short videos) during the course of their project and may be invited to present their progress at a subsequent awards ceremony.

Selection Committee members reserve the right to visit the awarded team/projects during the proposed duration of the winning project.

May an application be resubmitted?
Nominations are not carried over from year to year. All nominations must be resubmitted annually in order to be considered. It is the ambassador's responsibility to keep a nomination up to date.

Is the information in the application protected?
The Arctic inspiration Prize will protect personal information as required by the Privacy Act. The Canadian Privacy Act gives individuals the right to access and request correction of personal information about themselves. All information may be accessible to others under the Access to Information Act.