Selection process

  • The Nominations are first screened for eligibility by the Arctic Inspiration Prize office.
  • All eligible nominations are evaluated on their merit, based on the purpose of the Prize and the priority themes.
  • A Screening Committee composed of up to 4 members of the Selection Committee, including at least 2 Northern members, and up to 2 members of the Arctic Inspiration Prize office then reviews all eligible nominations and selects a shortlist of up to 10 finalists to be forwarded to the Selection Committee.
  • Out of the ten shortlisted nominations, the Selection Committee will select from one to five Prize recipients with associated awards totaling up to $1 million.
  • The Prize will be offered to those teams and nominations considered outstanding by the committee.
  • The Selection Committee is under no obligation to allocate a Prize in a given year if, in its opinion, the quality of nominations does not warrant it.
  • Decisions made by the Selection Committee are final and may not be appealed.