Organization Structure

The Arctic Inspiration Prize is made possible thanks to the generous endowment of the S. and A. Inspiration Foundation. The Foundation works in close collaboration with the Executive Director of the AIP. A representative of the Foundation is an ex-officio, voting member of the Selection Committee.

The National Selection Committee conducts the final review of nominations and the selection of Prize recipients. The Committee is composed of distinguished individuals known for their commitment to the Canadian Arctic and its Peoples. Committee members from north and south, represent aboriginal and non-aboriginal organizations, governments, NGOs, the private sector, as well as the artistic, cultural and scientific communities. Their unique contribution and expertise are central to the success and aspirations of the Arctic Inspiration Prize.

The Arctic Inspiration Prize Charitable Trust was established in late 2015, led by its Chair, Patti Balsillie, Whitehorse and a Board of Trustees from all across the Arctic. This AIP Trust and the Rideau Hall Foundation (RHF) with the Governor General as its' Chair, have entered into a collaboration agreement. The RHF is responsible for operational management of the AIP with accountability to the Trustees and will mobilize resources to cover all the operational costs associated with the Prize. Acting under the direction of the AIP Executive Director, the Arctic Inspiration Prize Office is housed with the Rideau Hall Foundation in Ottawa.